Blindpost Sensors


Improve driver awareness, and create a safer and more informed driving experience with OEM-Grade Universal Blind Spot System. 

Get notified when a vehicle enters your side blind spots. Triggered by your turn signals, advanced microwave radar technology identifies moving objects in your side blind spots and provides visual and audible alerts. The visual alert is located within the vehicle, easily seen within the line of sight of the side view mirrors.

  • Simple / hassle-free installation – No need to remove the bumper to install the sensors in some applications.
  • OBD II Cable included for complete integration that reads power, ground, and speed from the vehicle’s system.
  • Full integration into your vehicle’s system, automatically triggering audible and / or visual alerts based on driver behaviour (placing car in reverse, turn signal activation, hazards, speed)
  • Engineered with reliable 24GHz microwave technology delivering >99% accuracy.
  • Audible and visual alerts for many common driving scenarios (changing lanes, getting out of the vehicle, other cars passing in the blind spot, reversing)
  • Warning lights designed with an OEM aesthetic, which seamless integrate into the vehicle’s interior, angled design allows for easier viewing from the driver seat – A Pillar or door panel installation.
  • Power switch included.
  • Made for plastic bumpers.
  • Weather / debris-proof housing for durability

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