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Stereo Installation

After over 35 years of installing and repairing car audio equipment we have seen many of the problems associated with trying to replace original equipment audio units , from simple wiring issues to having to build vehicle specific trim panels , where mainstream suppliers have decided not to produce aftermarket trims.

This means we are able to still work on vehicles with old fashioned style wiring and fitting requirements, where the customer does not want to change the original look of the vehicle dash layout , although they want up to date audio options.

We are also well positioned to work on vehicles with new style electrical systems incorporating CAN BUS , MOST and Fibre Optic connection systems .

Over the years we have worked on many American and Japanese import vehicles and are familiar with their sometimes unusual wiring requirements.

We have invested heavily in test equipment and are able to offer SPL (Sound Pressure Level) testing with our laboratory calibrated RTA ( Real Time Analyser) this also allows us to set up audio systems and print off their acoustic response curves.

This means we can show improvements gained when replacing speakers , amplifiers or head units.

We are also an official ALPINE dealer and therefore we can offer a computer set up SERVICE for their new IMPRINT system.

If you have any installation requirements BIG or small please contact us for a quotation.

We can fit your equipment as well as equipment we supply


We have also had the Fun of more extreme installations such as a 38″ Subwoofer into the Load area of an American Chevy SSR Truck or the Stainless Steel installation to allow two Vibe Sub Boxes to be fitted away from the luggage area of a Hummer H2 to allow the customer to still fit his Golf clubs in

Alarm Installation


Here at Plymouth Car Sound we are able to supply and fit , just fit or even repair alarm systems for Cars , Motorcycles, Vans , HGV’s or even Boats.  

We are registered and regulated by Thatcham and we are the only company in the Southwest with Thatcham Approved installers.

This allows us to install Thatcham Insurance Approved alarm and immobiliser systems and issue certificates for your Insurance company. 

We can also test existing Cat 1 alarm or Cat 2 immobiliser systems and if up to specification we can issue replacement certificates if the previous one has been lost or if you have just purchased the vehicle we can supply a new one in your name. 

We can supply and code in remote controls or immobiliser touch keys for most aftermarket security systems 

such as :- 











Hands Free Installations

​Plymouth car sound have been involved in the installation of in car mobile telephones since the company started in 1985, since then many things have changed but the basic principle of supply and installation in the best way that keeps the equipment as unobtrusive as possible whilst working at its optimal performance

Car Radio Decoding

We are able to offer radio decoding on a wide variety of vehicles, some of which we can do whilst you wait.

Please call for prices.

Car Play & Android Auto Integration​​

With the ever increasing demand for Phone integration in Vehicles we can offer aftermarket systems from manufacturers such as:







We can also offer Car Play and Android Auto add-on interfaces for a wide range of vehicles


We offer several different types of tracker.

S7 , Cat 6 , S5, S5+ and fleet trackers.

From suppliers such as:


Global Telemetrics




OEM Repairs

Whilst we supply and fit many aftermarket Audio systems and accessories, we are also able to service and repair many of the Original Equipment systems.

Please call / email for details.

Hi-Fi Repairs

At Plymouth Car Sound we understand that sometimes what you already have can be a lot better that what you may be able to get which is the case for most peoples home audio systems.

Whether its because you love the sound or you have become so used to using the set up you’ve had for years, means quite often it makes more sense to have a faulty audio system or item repaired rather than replaced.

To run in line with the technology required for in car installations we have for the last 10 years offered a full home audio repair service. Our skilled engineers are able to look at anything from amplifiers to turntables.

If you have an item that needs repairing or servicing please call to find out how we can help.

Vehicle Graphics

After many years of installing phone kits , security systems or radios into new company vehicles we realised most of these vehicles had a requirement for sign writing .
We opened Styles and Stripes from our premises in 1995 to bridge this gap by offering a vinyl lettering service to our customers and have gone from strength to strength ever since.
We have equipment that allows the printing of photographic images onto vinyl as well as the original single cut letter format.

Audio & Speaker Upgrades

We supply Amplifiers, Subwoofers and Speaker upgrades from Alpine, Hertz and Focal.

Including the Focal Inside range which offers car specific upgrade speaker packages.

Reversing Sensors & Cameras

We are able to offer aftermarket Parking sensor kits for front and rear applications.

We are able to offer aftermarket Parking sensor kits for front and rear applications.

We can offer Stand Alone Rear View Camera systems.

Interfaces to add reversing cameras to your existing vehicle screen.

Payment Assist


How does Payment Assist work?

Payment Assist is a financial service in which you only pay 25% of the repair bill as a deposit. The other 75% is divided into three equal parts and is paid during the following three months. No fees, no interest! Here’s an example: you have a purchase that comes to £800. You pay only £200. You pay further £200 per month for three months afterwards.

Many wonder how does payment assist work for small and big repairs. We are happy to share that clients with bills up to £1000 don’t get credit checked. If you require Payment Assist for an amount larger than that, you will be subject to a credit search.

Minimum spend £499.

Other options available for amounts over £1000.

Please Call 01752 221989 or visit Payment Assist to find out more.