Alpine EZi-DAB-GO

Alpine EZi-DAB-GO

Digital Radio (DAB/DAB+) Interface - EZi-DAB-GO

Designed as an easy-fit solution for the millions of vehicles on the road worldwide without digital radio. 

EZi–DAB–GO works with your existing audio system using a simple aux-in cable or by transmitting over an unused FM frequency. Consisting of a sleek wireless controller that can be fixed just about anywhere, and a discreet windscreen antenna, there’s never been an easier way to enjoy digital radio and music from your phone.

Enjoy the great choice of stations and interference-free quality ofDAB/DAB+ digital radio, plus all your favourite music from your phone, tablet or music services like Spotify on the move when using the Pure Go companion app for iOS and Android devices.

The EZi–DAB–GO is the easiest way to update your audio system in your car, van or truck without replacing it.

Enjoy more from digital radio

DAB/DAB+ radio brings you high-detail digital-quality sound, great content, much of which is only available on digital radio. Digital radios automatically find all your available stations and let you select them by name.

Wireless music

Enjoy your own music choice with EZi–DAB–GO thanks to built-in Bluetooth. Pair your phone or tablet with it and listen wirelessly to your own music collection, or your favourite music streaming service through your existing audio system.

Mobile personal assistance

Set reminders, check the weather, traffic information and more at the touch of a button, without touching your phone. Speak directly to your phone’s digital assistant on your iOS or Android smartphone and hear the answer loud and clear through your car speakers. Requires iOS 8 or Android 5.0 onwards.

Spotify control

Get easy and safe in-car access to all your playlists on Spotify using the EZi–DAB–GO’s clear display and simple controls. Navigate playlists, albums and artists on the move without requiring to touch your mobile device. This feature requires a Spotify premium account.

Unlock Smarter Features

Unlock smart features for your EZi–DAB–GO by downloading the free Pure Go companion app for iOS or Android. Pure Go runs in the background of your smartphone and connects to your EZi–DAB–GO over Bluetooth to enable smarter features to be used whilst on the move.

Discover new music and tag tracks

Heard something you love on digital radio? Use the Go button on your EZi–DAB–GO to tag the track. Tagged tracks are identified and can be added directly to a Spotify playlist for you to enjoy again whenever you like (Tagging available for a small annual fee. Your first 12 months are free)

Digital Tick

All our EZi–DAB products are also Digital Tick approved so you can rest assured that you’re ready for any future FM to digital radio switchover.

Brand : Alpine