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Why fit a dash cam?

A growing number of people in the UK are finding that having a dash cam in their vehicle not only gives them peace of mind but also helps provide crucial evidence of exactly what happened following a collision.

They’ll show exactly what happened – the saying ‘the camera never lies’ certainly rings true with dash cams as they’ll capture footage of exactly what happens in a collision. Increasing numbers of car insurance companies are accepting dash cam footage in the event of a claim and dash cam footage can also be used as evidence in court.

They’ll help you avoid ‘cash for crash’ scams – some collisions are, unfortunately, staged by criminals out to make money from innocent drivers. Scammers have been known to disable their car brake lights or, as a pedestrian, even deliberately run out in front of a car to get hit.

They’ll help you become a safer driver – almost 25% of drivers surveyed by the RAC said that installing a dash cam has helped them improve their driving. So, there’s an added road safety benefit to having a dash cam and, if more of us got one, there’s an argument to say our roads would become that little bit safer.

They could help reduce your insurance premium – some UK insurers are now offering discounted premiums to drivers who have installed a dash cam, saying that they help people drive responsibly and can provide crucial evidence to help claims settle quickly.

Posted in News on May 18, 2016