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A “Silent Witness” You Can Depend On Use DASH CAM to furnish evidence in the event of accident The roads are never as safe as you think they are. In 218, there were over 5 million traffic collisions in the UK. In your daily commute, there may be a chance of you being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Situations like these are often extremely stressful, and it is often difficult for drivers to recall the crucial details surrounding the incident. With a Dash Cam, drivers now find themselves having a reliable witness – protecting themselves from bearing the cost of liability. With an in-car dashboard camera, you can feel at ease knowing that there is always a dependable, silent witness with you at all times.

Store drive records using GPS Store car operation record using GPS With GPS, Dash Cam records the speed and the location where your car is driven and pinpoints its position on a map. You can find out the speed and direction of your car at the moment of collision as well as the collision’s direction and severity so that you can assess the situation more accurately. You can also track the record of your journey when driving with your friends or family. Based on this information, you can advise your teenage to be a better driver.

  • The above-mentioned features are only available with the built-in GPS or when using the GPS accessory that is sold separately.

Get In and Go. Capture every single moment in HD quality Upon starting the ignition, a Dash Cam automatically starts recording video, ensuring that all crucial details would be accurately captured in the event of an incident. A dashboard camera is equipped with an auto-looping function, allowing unused footages to be overwritten automatically if the memory card is full. If an impact is registered, the camera automatically stores the surrounding 20 seconds of the event into a flash drive, allowing the driver to review the footage at a later time.

Every Road is a Journey. Save beautiful moments forever Make the mundane interesting – the roads often have their its own little surprises. With a built-in manual recording mode and still-image capture, your Dash Cam is always ready to capture extraordinary moments when you are driving. Be it a spectacular falling meteorite or a herd of bison crossing the road, you will always have something interesting to share with your friends.


An Extra Eye on the Road. A dashboard camera (Dash Cam) is a specialized on-board surveillance camera that is designed to monitor and record driving incidents. Mounted to the windshield, the camera turns on automatically upon starting ignition, and actively records video footages with an auto-looping mechanism. It has real-time impact detection, whereupon sensing impact, the camera stores the incident footage in a secure location for later reviewing purposes. The footage can then be used as a form of supplementary evidence for insurance purposes, while protecting the driver against insurance frauds and hit-and-runs.


Provides driving information and records the severity of impact Various recording modes and automatic switching between modes THINKWARE Dash Cam supports various recording modes that you can use according to your situation or needs: Continuous recording, Incident recording, and Motion Detection recording. Since the power cable is always connected, there is no need to turn it on or off and it will automatically switch between modes.

Continuous Recording This mode is automatically activated when you start the engine. Recorded video is saved in a series of one minute clips, and there is no need to recharge or replace the battery.

Incident Recording Unlike Action Cam, THINKWARE Dash Cam has a built-in gyro sensor that detects impact and starts recording while you drive your car or when it is parked. The camera constantly records while you drive your car, and it starts saving footage 10 seconds before a collision is detected.

Automatic Switching between Parking and Continuous Recording Modes THINKWARE Dash Cam detects voltage to confirm that the engine is not running before switching to Parking Mode. In this mode, motion detection recording is activated. When you start the engine, THINKWARE Dash Cam automatically switches to Continuous Mode.

  • When mounted with a power cable, it supports automatic switching between modes and motion detection recording.

Motion Detection Recording In this mode, THINKWARE Dash Cam starts recording when it detects motion in front of the camera. It records if there is any person approaching or lurking near your car.

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